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 Venue: Britannia Inn, 1, Archer Street, Darlington DL3 6LR.
 Tel 01325-463787.

 Vernon Adamson

 157 Hummersknott Avenue, Darlington, DL3 8RL
 Tel No:  01325-460814

 Alternate Contact:
 Neil Saint
 105 Barnes Road, Darlington.
 Tel No:  01325 281904



  Venue: Byker & Heaton Union Club (Key Club), Shields Road, Newcastle NE6 1DX. Tel 0191 265 6386.

Paul Finch  Tel No:  07827 841923




Venue: 1 Corporation Road, Darlington DL3 6AE.  Tel 01325-241388

 Martin Robinson,  31, Brompton Walk, Darlington DL3 8RT.   Tel No:  01325-380535


 Alternate Contact:  Geoff Johns, Tel No:  0787-8008911


 The 2010-11 season saw a new name in the League in ‘The Brit’ who played their home  games at the Britannia Inn in Darlington. Not new to the League though, ‘The Brit’ had  evolved from the Old Shildon WMC side that had first joined the League in the old Division C  in the mid 1990’s. The original Old Shildon WMC side consisted of regulars Ian Longstaff, David Collinson and Graham ‘Butch’ Butcher. These three regulars were joined in 1995 by Martin Robinson and  Old Shildon won their first promotion to the B Division in 1999. The early Noughties saw  Robert Harker join the team and the Club twice won the B Division League but only once  were they promoted. One season in the Premier League saw the Club slip back down in a  winless campaign and the B Division is where Old Shildon (or now The Brit) have remained  ever since. With Dave Collinson retiring from the quizzes and Ian taking more of a back seat, Geoff Johns joined the team in the mid Noughties, and when Robert then retired too Paul  ‘Hughie’ Hewitson added his Racing knowledge to the team. With shift work impacting into  availability of team members, a further new addition to the squad was made with the  introduction of Rob Dodsworth. Butch was next to depart the team and as a result Hughie,  Rob D, Geoff and Martin have generally been the representatives for the past couple of  seasons.  Old Shildon were probably best known in their early days for the post quiz buffet which was  more like a banquet, all provided for by the Club. Indeed the members have always been  thankful and appreciative of the support that the Club afforded the Quiz team. However with  Butch no longer being available the team then consisted of four members all from Darlington  and it was with some regret that the team left Old Shildon to move to The Britannia in  Darlington, but at the same time the move for the 2010-11 season was clearly a practical  solution. Known for its beer The Britannia has a snug which provides an ideal location for  the Thursday Night Sports Quizzes. After a few seasons the team located to their new home, Darlington Snooker Club.  (by Martin Robinson)


Darlington Snooker Club (left to right): Geoff Johns, Paul Hewitson,

Rob Dodsworth, Martin Robinson












 Venue: East End Liberal Club, Heaton Road, Newcastle NE6 1SA.
 Tel 0191 265 6386.

 Dave Morrison, 11 Beverley Road, Whitley Bay, NE25 8JH. Tel 07722-147556.




  Venue: East End Liberal Club, Heaton Road, Newcastle NE6 1SA.
 Tel 0191 265 6386.

 Steve Westerby
 85 Coast Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE7 7RP
 Tel No:  0191-2401136

  Alternate Contact:
 Dave Westerby
 Tel No:  0753-1900679

  East End Nomads began life as Newcastle BRSA in the 1984-85 season, founded by Malcolm Hodgson & David Westerby, and playing their home matches at the British Rail Staff  Association Club on Forth Banks near the Central Station in Newcastle. They became the Old  George for a season, playing at the pub in the Bigg Market in Newcastle, before moving  their venue to Walkergate BRSA as Walkergate Nomads. They then changed their name to  Nomads and played home matches at the Bewicke Park pub in Howdon, the Rosehill Tavern  (also in Howdon), and Wallsend Companions Club. They became Heaton Meadowfield SC  for one season, then the Grace Inn, before moving to the East End Liberal Club on Heaton  Road in Newcastle and becoming East End Nomads. Brothers Dave & Steve Westerby have  been part of their line-up throughout.




East End Nomads: (left to right) Barry Wilkinson, Steve Westerby,

Dave Westerby, Roy Collins








 Venue:  St. Teresa's Catholic Club, 200b Heaton Road, Newcastle, Tyne & Wear NE6 5HP.
 Tel 0191 2400488.

 Representative:  Brian Neil,  5, West Deanery Farm Close, South Church, Bishop Auckland, DL14 6ZG
 Tel No: 01388-329690       Mobile:  07872-817152       EMail:


 A brief history (by Brian Neil):-  Myself and Robin started school together in Gateshead (Carr Hill Junior) at five and have  known each other ever since. Although we were never best mates we knocked around  together and played football together. When we left school we somehow ended up going to  the match together, firstly standing in the Leazes end in the 70's & when they pulled it down  standing in the Gallowgate and then the East Stand Paddock. Robin's knowledge of all things  NUFC is worrying - even down to which pubs we went into and what we had to eat before  away games 25 years ago and he remembers all of the trophies we've won as well -  amazing !  We met Mick Shaw in the Cooperage on the Quayside late one Friday night / Saturday  morning in the early 80's - we were arguing about some track and Mick put us right with his  phenomenal music knowledge - if only there was a pop music round in the quiz! Mick also  being a big Newcastle fan, he started coming to away games with us and then home games  as well. I guess the three of us have been going to the match together for 25 years now  and have sat next to each other for the last twenty - eeeejits!  None of us can remember exactly when we first met Steve (aka Elvis - he's a massive fan -  of Mr. Costello not Presley), but, we reckon it must have been   in the mid 90's. Again we  met him through NUFC - he also used to drink in the Monkey Bar before home games and  we just sort of adopted him.  Robin, Mick and myself used to go to loads of general knowledge quizzes back in the day,  but we didn't know about the Sports Quiz League until we met Paul Davison, Dave Lowther  and Alan Kitchen while doing the Hels Bells and Buzzers quiz on Radio 5 and the rest as they  say ....  The team has changed a bit since we kicked off due to shifts and can't be arsed etc ... as  none of the lads other than myself were originals... but we've had much the same four for  the last three or four seasons and due to a lack of transfer budget the side will remain alarmingly unchanged for the seasons to come !





 Venue: Byker & Heaton Union Club (Key Club), Shields Road, Newcastle NE6 1DX.
 Tel 0191 265 6386.

 Representative:  John Doyle,   24, Lydford Court, Kingston Park, Newcastle, Tyne & Wear NE3 3RB
 Tel No:  0191-2714891  Mobile:  0793-3005840   

 Alternate Contact:  Leo Ford,  Tel 0191-3890565   EMail:  



Venue:  The White Swan, 18 Newgate Street, Morpeth NE61 1BA

 Representative:  Michael Groves,  62, Eighth Row, Ashington, Northumberland NE63 8JX
 Tel No:  01670-810091     

 Alternate Contact: Mike Bateman  Tel No:  01670-712228    EMail:

Morpeth Harriers joined the League in 1983 and their period of membership is noteworthy  mainly for its lack of success. One promotion has been achieved (due to a rival team not  turning up for a match ! ) but of course this was followed by relegation the next season.  There have also been a few spasmodic losing appearances in the pairs and singles  competitions on Finals Night. However, the team enjoy the quiz matches (thanks to the quiz  setters), particularly as the C Division teams are now very evenly matched. We look forward  to continuing our annual battle against finishing bottom (usually successful) and maintaining  the many friendships we have made for many years to come. (from Mike Bateman).



 Venue: East End Liberal Club, Heaton Road, Newcastle NE6 1SA.
 Tel 0191 265 6386.

 Representative:  Malcolm Hodgson    Tel No:  07981-869152    EMail:

 Alternate Contact:  Andrew Hodgson     Tel No:  0794-9353853     EMail:




Venue:- Philadelphia Cricket Club, Bunker Hill, Philadelphia, Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne & Wear
 DH4 4JE.  Tel 0191 5841348.

 Representative:  Shaun Moore,  4 Ellesmere Close, Mulberry Park, Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne & Wear DH4 5NJ.
 Tel No:  07771-574797        EMail: 

  Alternate Contact: Bill Bailey,   41 Callington Close, Burnmoor, Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne & Wear DH4 6BL
 Mobile:  0780-9233787



  Venue:  St. Teresa's Catholic Club, 200b Heaton Road, Newcastle, Tyne & Wear NE6 5HP.
 Tel 0191 2400488.

 Representative:   John Swan,  29 Hugh Street, Wallsend, Tyne & Wear NE28 6RL
 Tel No:  07947-382921

 Alternate Contacts:   Jeff Coxon,  52 Roman Avenue, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 2RD
 Tel No:  0191-2651267       Mobile:  0775-1032895       EMail 

  Chris Bone      Tel No: 0191-2684016       EMail 



 Saltwell Social Club, 100 Saltwell Road, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear NE8 4XH.
 Tel 0191-4200536.

  Representative:  Bryan White,   11 Clement Street, Low Fell, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear NE9 5ER
 Tel No: 0191-4201150      Mobile: 0779-2014269     

 Alternate Contact:   Kevin Turner,   Mobile: 0785-2404757



  Venue:   Benedictine Social Club, Glenluce Drive, Cramlington, Northumberland NE23 6PN.
 Tel 01670 714241.

  Representative:  Ken McKie,   9, Warenford Close, Cramlington, Northumberland NE23 6HS 
 Tel No: 01670-712641    

  Alternate Contact:
 Mickey Earl , Tel No: 01670-713889  EMail:



 Venue: East End Liberal Club, Heaton Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 1 SA
 Tel 0191
265 6836

Representative:  Trevor Ford, 4a Southfield Road, Benton, Newcastle upon Tyne. NE12 8BJ. Tel: 0191-7116492
 Mobile:  07525-771756     

 Alternate Contact:   Mick Moran,  Tel No:  0793-1882208




 Venue:  Washington Cricket Club, Vigo Lane, Rickleton, Washington, Tyne & Wear NE38 9DZ.   (Note: this Post Code relates to Harthope Close which is the street opposite the cricket  ground entrance). 

 Representative:  Alan Kitchen,  20, Grasmere, Birtley, Chester-le-Street DH3 2JZ.
 Tel No: 0191-4921887
  Mobile: 0795 0956606               EMail:

 Alternate Contact:  Simon Henry: 0795 2467141 

 Washington CC Sports Quiz team started life as the Philadelphia CC B team - formed when  Philadelphia had enough members to create two teams.  The Philadelphia B team continued to use the Bunker Hill ground as their home base until  2006, when the members decided to move to a venue in Washington - as the majority of  players had at sometime played for Washington CC, it was decided that it would be an  appropriate home for them.  Whilst new facilities at the cricket club were under construction, the Stella Maris club in  Washington and the Museum Vaults in Sunderland were used as home venues, during the  2006-7 season.  The 2007-8 season saw the team move to their current venue at the home of the Durham  Coast League team Washington CC. 

 How to get there - directions:-From the South:- Take the A1 North to junction 63 - signposted A183 Sunderland and Chester-le-Street. On slip road get in right hand lane. Take fourth exit - marked ‘Picktree‘.

Continue up through Picktree Village. When the village ends you’ll see Washington Hospital on the right hand side, take the first right turn after Washington Hospital into Vigo Lane. Continue through a couple of sets of    speed bumps. There are some houses on the left hand side, the cricket club is on the left behind the bushes after the houses end.

 From the North:- Take the A1 South to junction  63 - signposted A183 Sunderland and Chester-le-Street. On slip road get in left hand lane. Take first exit marked ‘Picktree‘.

Continue up through Picktree Village. When the village ends you’ll see Washington Hospital on the right hand side, take the first right turn after Washington Hospital into Vigo Lane. Continue through a couple of sets of    speed bumps. There are some houses on the left hand side, the cricket club is on the left behind the bushes after the houses end.



 Venue: Winlaton Vulcans Rugby Club, Axwell View, Blaydon, Tyne & Wear NE21 6NF.
 Tel No: 0191-4142502

 Representative:  Ian Turnbull, 80 Parkdale Rise, Whickham, Newcastle upon Tyne NE16 5JR. Tel: 0191-4201286.  


  Alternative contact: Steve Carter, Tel 01207-281384