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Minutes of AGM


Roll Call of Teams Represented:

Teams Represented were Albert Hill WMC, Darlington Snooker Club, East End Nomads, Key Club, Philadelphia CC, St Teresa’s, Saltwell SC, The Bene. Washington CC were not represented. The Secretary was present and apologies from the Treasurer were noted.

2020 AGM Minutes:

A proposal to accept the minutes of the 2020 AGM held by Zoom as a true record was made by St Teresa’s and seconded by The Bene.

Secretary’s Report:

The Secretary welcomed all the attendees first ‘proper’ AGM since 2019, mentioning that the 2020 AGM held by Zoom had been difficult due to technical difficulties. He thanked the members of the League for keeping the League going despite the problems caused by the Covid-19 lockdowns and congratulated them on being able to look forward to another season of competition. He spoke about the tragic death of Dave Morrison in August 2021 and how much he would be missed by the League, and stated that a new Open Singles Trophy had been purchased and would be called ‘The David Morrison Trophy’, to be awarded to the winner of the Open Singles, the previous trophy still being in the possession of David’s widow who was in Russia and not contactable. He spoke about the sad death of Bill Stothard earlier that year and how the Division A Championship Shield had been inscribed in his honour. He stated that the post of Chairman was vacant and that Steve Westerby had agreed to stand in as temporary Chairman for the AGM. He ended by again thanking the members of the League for keeping the North-East Sports Quiz League going.

Chairman’s Remarks:

The Chairman endorsed the Secretary’s words and added his own thanks to the members of the League for keeping the League going during Covid. He thanked all those who had set questions for the League in the season, in particular Paul Finch, who set questions from his home in Whitby. He thanked Saltwell Social Club for providing a new permanent home for the League’s events, and in particular Kevin Turner for facilitating this. He thanked the Secretary for his work over the season.

Treasurer’s Report:

The balance sheet had been handed out to all attendees. The Secretary spoke for the Treasurer in his absence, stating that the account with the bank had been closed and the league’s funds were held by the Treasurer but this was not seen as a long term solution by both the Treasurer and Secretary, as it was desirable that some sort of joint responsibility should be sought. The Secretary agreed to take an action point and contact his bank to see whether a joint account held by him and another member of the League could be created. The acceptance of the balance sheet was proposed by the Key Club and seconded by Saltwell SC.

 Election Of Officials:

The Chairman’s role was vacant and with no individual being willing to take on the role, it was agreed that the role would remain vacant and a stand-in Chairman be co-opted prior to the annual AGM. The Secretary would remain in his role. The position of Treasurer was still held by Leo but this may alter in the future pending the result of the Secretary’s action point mentioned in Item 5.

 Election Of Committee:

The current committee of John Swan, John Doyle & Steve Westerby would continue in their roles.

League Structure:

There were 4 proposals for the structure. Proposal 1 from the Committee was to keep the current structure of 2 Divisions of 5 & 4, with promotion and relegation. Proposal 2 from the Committee was to go to one league of 9 teams. Proposal 3 from Philadelphia CC was to go to one league of 9 teams with matches played as table top quizzes. Proposal 4 from The Bene was to have 2 leagues of 4 and 5, preceded by 2 table top quizzes to determine the population of the divisions. The Secretary invited general comments from the floor. Mike Sowerby (Albert Hill) opened the discussion by stating that the fact that four different proposals had been made was a very good thing and showed that people were thinking about the future of the League. A general discussion then followed and it was agreed that the four proposals should be taken in turn and spoken about by the proposers. The Secretary then spoke about Proposal 1, saying that it was a tried and tested formula that had worked up to now and was therefore viable. He spoke about Proposal 2, saying that it was a response to several viewpoints made to him in the course of the season that because the league was now down to 9 teams, one division seemed an obvious choice. He stated however that this would cause difficulties with question masters as all teams would be playing on the same night. Shaun Moore (Philadelphia CC) spoke about Proposal 3, saying that it had arisen from discussions following a Division B table top quiz at Washington CC and that it might be a way to attract new teams to the League. Dave Guttridge (The Bene) spoke about Proposal 4. A general discussion again followed. Martin Robinson (Darlington Snooker Club) stated that he was against the abandonment of the two-division system as in his experience of refereeing local football the condensing of divisions had resulted in the weaker teams losing interest and dropping out and he feared that this might happen in the Sports Quiz League. The Secretary spoke about the difficulties he had experienced over the years in trying to attract new teams. Mike Sowerby talked about how a new team from Barnard Castle had come very close to joining the League in recent years but had ultimately not joined. Kevin Turner spoke about the subject saying that the League would most probably ‘die with us’ i.e. the current members. A vote was then discussed and it was agreed that Proposals 1 & $ would be voted on: Philadelphia CC withdrew their proposal and the Committee withdrew Proposal 2. Chris Bone of St Teresa’s asked if this meant that the League rules regarding promotion and relegation allowed this but it was agreed that this vote would supersede them and the rules would be amended.  The vote was taken and Proposal 4 received 5 votes while Proposal 1 received 3 votes. Proposal 4 was therefore adopted.

Any Other Business.

Mike Sowerby raised the subject of the KO Cup and suggested would it be a good idea for the Div A champions, having already won a trophy, to sit out the KO Cup and set the quiz. Shaun Moore stated that all teams should take part in all competitions. The subject of the Challenge Cup was discussed and it was decided that for next season, the competition should revert to 4 participants, with the top 2 from each of the Handicap Leagues taking part. There being no other business the meeting was declared closed by the Secretary at 9.45pm and presentation of trophies began.













Gareth Hope & Dave Guttridge of The Bene with the Div B Championship Trophy



















John Swan & Chris Bone of St Teresa's with the Div B Handicap League Trophy


















Dave Guttridge & Gareth Hope of The Bene with the Div B Pairs Trophy
























Dave Guttridge of The Bene was the Div B Singles winner











John Swan & Chris Bone of St Teresa's who won the Challenge Cup




















Dave Guttridge & Gareth Hope of The Bene who won the KO Cup




















Mike Sowerby of Albert Hill was presented with the Div A Championship Shield and the Div A Handicap League Trophy


























Mike Sowerby became the first recipient of The David Morrison Trophy, the new trophy for the winner of the Open Singles