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AGM 2019, held at PTE Club, Newcastle upon Tyne, Thursday 6th June 2019.
1. Roll Call Of Teams represented.
Teams represented were: Britannia Inn, Darlington Snooker Club, East End Nomads, Key Club, St Teresa's, Saltwell SC, The Bene, Washington CC.
Not represented (apologies): Heaton Rifles, The Wolsy, Philadelphia CC
Officers present: David Westerby (Secretary). Not present (apologies): Trevor Ford (Chairman), Leo Ford (Treasurer).
2. 2018 AGM Minutes.
The minutes of the 2018 AGM were accepted as a true record of events (Proposed by Britannia Inn, seconded by Darlington Snooker Club)
3. Secretary's Report
The Secretary reported another successful season for the League with all fixtures fulfilled, although he expressed regret that the league continued to dwindle and was now down to 9 teams, the lowest number in its history, with the withdrawal of Winlaton Vulcans, who had been members of the League in various forms since its inception. Winlaton were unable to obtain a fourth member and were unable to play with just three men but had indicated that they may return at some point. He reported that Paul Davison had meant to be guest of honour that night which was the reason the AGM was held at the PTE Club rather than the Key Club because the PTE Club was wheelchair accessible. Unfortunately Paul had been ill in hospital and had not recovered sufficiently to be able to attend. He wished Paul well for the future on behalf of the League.
4. Chairman's Remarks
The Chairman had sent his apologies as he was unable to attend.
5. Treasurer's Report
The Treasurer had sent his apologies as he was unable to attend. Martin Robinson (Darlington Snooker Club) queried an adjustment of £60, this was explained in the 2018 minutes. The Report was proposed as accepted by Saltwell SC and seconded by St Teresa's.
6. Election Of Officials
The current officers of the League had all indicated they would continue in their roles: Trevor Ford (The Wolsy) as Chairman, Dave Westerby (East End Nomads) as Secretary, and Leo Ford (Key Club) as Treasurer. They were unopposed.
7. Election Of Committee
The current Committee members had indicated they would continue in their roles: Dave Morrison (The Bene), John Doyle (Key Club) & John Swan (St Teresa's). No new Committee members were put forward.
8.  League Structure
The following League structure was proposed by the Committee: Division A - Britannia Inn, Darlington Snooker Club,  East End Nomads (promoted from B Division), Key Club, St Teresa's, Saltwell SC. Division B - Heaton Rifles, Philadelphia CC, The Bene (relegated from A Division), The Wolsy, Washington CC. This was accepted unanimously by the floor.
The Secretary stated that the other thing to consider was whether the League wanted to have Table Top quizzes in B Division to make up the shortfall of quizzes. Teams were unanimously in favour of this. It was therefore decided there would be 2 Table Top quizzes, with the scoring system of 3 points for the winning team, 2 points for the second place team, 1 point for the 3rd placed team, and zero points for the 4th/5th placed teams. These would be awarded for each of the 2 quizzes. A tie-break question would be set on the night in case of ties.
9. League Rules.
A rule change was proposed by East End Nomads. 'The Handicap League is a handicap competition based on league fixtures. The handicap shall be decided by the difference between the team's average scores. A team shall retain its average score from the end of the previous season except in the case of promoted/relegated teams, where a handicapper appointed by the Committee shall set a average for the beginning of the season' . Dave Westerby, the proposer, said it was intended to end the current system of handicap scores being increased or decreased depending on whether the team won or lost and that it would be much simpler to administrate. Dave Morrison spoke against the rule change, saying that a handicap had to be awarded to each team every fixture, as if teams' handicaps were potentially returned to zero each week, this would favour the highest scoring team who would invariably be placed higher in the league in the event of having tied on points. Martin Robinson, Steve Westerby and Kevin Turner also spoke in agreement with Dave Morrison and against the rule change. A vote was held and the proposal was rejected by 7 votes to nil with two abstentions.
10. Any Other Business
Mike Sowerby proposed that the League return to the format of semi-finals and final for the Challenge Cup, suggesting that the winners of the two Handicap Leagues should be joined by the two runner-up teams, giving teams more to play for as the season went on. The Secretary said that he did not oppose this in principle, but stated that it was important that the same question-setter should set both quizzes to maintain consistency and that it was a lot to ask an individual to set two quizzes. The general feeling was that it would be possible to get a question-setter and the proposal was accepted.
Martin Robinson referred to the balance sheet and queried why the League needed to charge teams affiliation fees for the coming season when it had a bank balance of nearly  two thousand pounds. He stated that there was no reason for the League to maintain such a high balance and that not levying any league fees for the coming season would be the fairest way for all teams to benefit. The Secretary said that this had been discussed at previous AGMs and a counter-argument had generally been that £20 or £5 per person per year was a very small price to pay for the enjoyment that the League afforded its members. No other counter argument was proposed and the Secretary stated that the League Rules did not actually state the teams had to pay a set amount, only that an affiliation fee should be decided by the Committee. He felt that if the AGM desired that there should be no fee for a particular season, the AGM represented the League and could make that decision. He called for a vote and the motion was carried by 7 votes to 1 with 1 abstention (In favour: Britannia Inn, Darlington SC, East End Nomads, Key Club, St Teresa's, Saltwell SC, Washington CC; Against: The Bene; Abstained: Secretary.)
Chris Bone referred to the Secretary's e-mail to teams earlier in the season about a possible quiz involving the League and sports quiz leagues in Woking, Sheffield & Stockport. The Secretary replied that nothing further had been discussed on the matter, so Chris said if the Secretary forwarded contact details of the other leagues to him, he would take it forward. The Secretary agreed to do so.
There being no further business the meeting closed and the buffet and presentation of trophies took place.