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 Year  Winners  Runners-Up
1974-75  Gateshead Harriers  Whickham Glebe
1975-76  Rose Villa  Whickham SC
1976-77  Winlaton Vulcans  Whickham Comprehensive
1977-78  Winlaton Vulcans  Whickham Comprehensive
1978-79  Lintz CC 'A'  Manors SC
1979-80  Lintz CC 'A'  United Services 'A'
1980-81  Lintz CC 'A'  Throckley Bank Top 'A'
1981-82  Throckley Bank Top  Lintz CC 'A'
1982-83  Throckley Bank Top  Lintz CC 'A'
1983-84  Throckley Bank Top  Lintz CC 'A'
1984-85  Throckley Bank Top  Lintz CC 'A'
1985-86  Throckley Bank Top  St Teresa's
1986-87  Throckley Bank Top  The Engine
1987-88  Black Bull  Roseworth SC
1988-89  Black Bull  The Engine
1989-90  Gosforth Empire  Roseworth SC
1990-91  Gosforth Empire  East End Liberal Club
1991-92  Black Bull  East End Liberal Club
1992-93  East End Liberal Club  Roseworth SC
1993-94  Throckley Bank Top  East End Liberal Club
1994-95  East End Liberal Club  Throckley Bank Top
1995-96  East End Liberal Club  Hazlerigg Victory
1996-97  Hazlerigg Victory  East End Liberal Club
1997-98  East End Liberal Club  Hazlerigg Victory
1998-99  East End Liberal Club  Roseworth SC
1999-00  East End Liberal Club  Roseworth SC
2000-01  East End Liberal Club  Roseworth SC
2001-02  East End Liberal Club  Castle & Anchor
2002-03  East End Liberal Club  Leeholme SC
2003-04  East End Liberal Club  Leeholme SC
2004-05  East End Liberal Club  Leeholme SC
2005-06  East End Liberal Club  Leeholme SC
2006-07  East End Liberal Club  Leeholme SC
2007-08  East End Liberal Club  Britannia Inn  
2008-09  East End Liberal Club  Leeholme SC
2009-10  East End Liberal Club  Leeholme SC
2010-11  East End Liberal Club  Leeholme SC
2011-12  East End Liberal Club  Leeholme SC
2012-13  East End Liberal Club  Britannia Inn
2013-14  East End Liberal Club  Britannia Inn
2014-15  East End Liberal Club  Key Club
2015-16  East End Liberal Club  Britannia Inn
2016-17  East End Liberal Club  Britannia Inn
2017-18  East End Liberal Club  Britannia Inn
2018-19  Britannia Inn  Darlington Snooker Club
2019-20  Britannia Inn  Darlington Snooker Club





   Winners  Runners-Up
1975-76  Caledonian  Dunston Mechanics
1976-77  Lintz CC 'A'  Manors SC
1977-78  Dunston SC  St Peters SC
1978-79  Civic Centre  United Services
1979-80  Gateshead Squash  Newcastle RAOB
1980-81  Benedictine CSC  Columba SC
1981-82  Firfield Athletic  Miners Arms
1982-83  Wallsend Labour Club  Gateshead Corporation
1983-84  Wylam CC  Coundon CC
1984-85  Board Inn  Walkergate BRSA
1985-86  Normanby Hall CC  Black Horse
1986-87  Darlington Civil Service  Walkergate BRSA
1987-88  Masons Arms  Blaydon CC
1988-89  Gosforth Empire SC  Walkergate BRSA
1989-90  Darlington Civil Service  Wanderers
1990-91  Walkergate BRSA  Blaydon CC
1991-92  United Services  Nomads
1992-93  Blaydon CC  Wanderers
1993-94  Newcastle Gosforth RFC  St Teresa's CSC
1994-95  United Services  Lord Clyde Hotel
1995-96  United Services  Walkergate BRSA
1996-97  Darlington Civil Service  Leeholme SC
1997-98  United Services  East End Nomads
1998-99  Leeholme SC  Philadelphia CC 'A'
1999-00  Walkergate BRSA  The Bene
2000-01  United Services   East End Nomads
2001-02  Old Shildon SC   Walkergate BRSA
2002-03  Garden Farm   Old Shildon SC
2003-04  Old Shildon SC   The Bene
2004-05  The Bene  Old Shildon SC
2005-06  Saltwell SC  St Teresa's
2006-07  Saltwell SC  East End Nomads
2007-08  Washington CC  East End Nomads
2008-09  The Bene  St Teresa's
2009-10  Saltwell SC  East End Nomads
2010-11  The Bene  East End Nomads
2011-12  East End Nomads  Washington CC
2012-13  Key Club  Darlington Snooker Club
2013-14  The Bene  Philadelphia CC
2014-15  Saltwell SC  Darlington Snooker Club
 Darlington Snooker Club
 St Teresa's
 Saltwell SC
 St Teresa's
 Saltwell SC
 St Teresa's
2018-19  East End Nomads  Washington CC


   Winners Runners-Up
1979-80  Columba SC  Benedictine CSC
1980-81  Newburn Memorial Club  Rutherford Staff
1981-82  Tynemouth CC  Gateshead Corporation
1982-83  St Teresa's CSC  Mile House
1983-84  Red Lion  Masons Arms
1984-85  Normanby Hall CC  South Gosforth SC
1985-86  Darlington Civil Service  Shotley Bridge CC
1986-87  Blaydon Cricket Club  King's Head
1987-88  Gosforth Empire SC  Chester-le-Street FC SC
1988-89  The Chesters  Gateshead Fell CC
1989-90  Parkway SC  Walker Staff
1990-91  Same Players  Lord Clyde Hotel
1991-92  Northern SC  Newcastle Gosforth RFC
1992-93  St Teresa's  The Peacock
1993-94  Saltwell SC  Morpeth Harriers
1994-95  Medomsley CC  Philadephia CC
1995-96  Grace Inn  Old Shildon 
1996-97  Saltwell SC  Kings Arms
1997-98  Saltwell SC  The Wolsy
1998-99  Old Shildon   The Bene
1999-06  Not contested  
2006-07  Washington CC  Whitley Bay
2007-08  St Teresas  The Wolsy
2008-09  The Wolsy  Whitley Bay
2009-10  Gateshead Old Boys  Morpeth Harriers
2010-11  Whitley Bay  The Wolsy
2011-12  Gateshead Old Boys  Coundon CC
2012-13  Coundon CC   Byker
2013-14  Byker   Northern Rock
2014-15  Northern Rock   Heaton Rifles
 Washington CC
 Heaton Rifles
 Heaton Rifles
 Northern Rock
 Heaton Rifles
 Washington CC


  Winners Runners-Up
1980-81  Three Mile Inn  Firfield Athletic
1981-82  Mile House  Thorn Lighting
1982-83  DHSS  Bowes Incline
1983-97  Not contested  
1997-98  Wanderers  Gosforth Empire SC
 Not contested since 1998


  Winner Runner-Up
1979-80  Ian Smith (Winlaton Vulcans)  
1980-81  Tom McCallum (United Services)  Bob Brewis (Throckley Bank Top)
1981-82  Ben Waite (Lintz CC)  David Lowther (Miners Arms)
1982-83  David Lowther (Miners Arms)  David Bowey (Throckley Bank Top)
1983-84  Barry Wilkinson (Wallsend LC)  Ben Waite (Lintz CC)
1984-85  David Bowey (Throckley BT)  Barry Wilkinson (The Rose)
1985-86  Derek Kempthorne (Throckley BT)  David Lowther (Black Bull)
1986-87  David Lowther (Black Bull)  David Bowey (Throckley Bank Top)
1987-88  David Lowther (Black Bull)  Stan Gray (Roseworth SC)
1988-89  David Bowey (Throckley BT)  Neil Saint (Darlington CS)
1989-90  David Lowther (Black Bull)     Neil Saint (Darlington CS)
1990-91  David Lowther (Black Bull)  Chris Rivers (Roseworth SC)
1991-92  David Bowey (Throckley BT)  Neil Saint (Darlington CS)
1992-93  David Lowther (Black Bull)  Mike Sowerby (Coundon CC)
1993-94  David Lowther (Black Bull)  Leo Ford  (United Services)
1994-95  David Lowther (Black Bull)  Mike Sowerby (Coundon CC)
1995-96  David Morrison (East End LC)  Barry Howbridge (East End LC)
1996-97  David Lowther (Byker PTE)  David Morrison (East End LC)
1997-98  David Lowther (Byker PTE)  David Morrison (East End LC)
1998-99  David Lowther (Unattached)  Mike Sowerby (Leeholme SC)
1999-00 (David Lowther (Unattached)  David Morrison (East End LC)
2000-01  David Morrison (East End LC)  Mike Sowerby (Leeholme SC)
2001-02  David Morrison (East End LC)  David Lowther (Byker PTE)
2002-03  David Morrison (East End LC)  Neil Saint (Darlington CS) 
2003-04  David Morrison (East End LC)  Mike Sowerby (Leeholme SC)
2004-05  David Morrison (East End LC)  David Lowther (Byker PTE)
2005-06  David Lowther  (Byker PTE)  David Morrison (East End LC)
2006-07  David Morrison (East End LC)  Mike Sowerby (Leeholme SC)
2007-08  David Morrison (East End LC)  Neil Saint (Britannia Inn)
2008-09  David Morrison (East End LC)  David Lowther (Byker PTE)
2009-10  David Lowther (Byker PTE)  David Morrison (East End LC)
2010-11  David Lowther (Byker PTE)  David Morrison (East End LC)
2011-12  David Morrison  (East End LC)  Neil Saint (Britannia Inn)    
2012-13  David Morrison  (East End LC)  Neil Saint (Britannia Inn)    
2013-14  David Morrison (East End LC)  Neil Saint (Britannia Inn)
2014-15  Barry Wilkinson (East End Nomads)  David Morrison  (East End LC)    
 David Morrison (East End Liberal Club)
 Neil Saint (Britannia Inn)
 David Morrison (East End Liberal Club)
 Mike Sowerby (Britannia Inn)
 David Morrison (East End Liberal Club)
 Vernon Adamson (Britannia Inn)
2018-19  David Morrison (Unattached)  Vernon Adamson (Britannia Inn)


   Winners  Runners-Up
1977-78  David Brown & Tom Dixon (Manors SC)  Billy Marshall & Peter Wylie (St Peters)
1978-79  Ralph Nevin & Stan Thompson (Lintz CC)  Tony Graves & Ben Waite (Lintz CC)
1979-80  Bob Brewis & John Doyle (Throckley Bank Top)  Roy Callaghan & Alan Squires (Civic Centre)
1980-81  Malcolm Waggott & Ben Waite (Lintz CC)  Roy Callaghan & Alan Squires (Civic Centre)
1981-82  Tom McCallum & Ray Stafford   (United Services)  Paul Finch & Jim Taylor (Newcastle RAOB)
1982-83  Ray Nicol & Chris Rivers (Mile House)  Ben Waite & Colin Watson (Lintz CC)
1983-84  David Bowey & Bob Brewis (Throckley Bank Top)  Tom McCallum & Gavin Keith (United Services)
1984-85  David Bowey & Bob Brewis (Throckley Bank Top)  Peter Bell & David Lowther (Consett Park Royals)
1985-86  David Bowey & Derek Kempthorne (Throckley BT)  Peter Bell & David Lowther (Black Bull)
1986-87  David Bowey & Bob Brewis (Throckley Bank Top)  Chris Bone & Tony Jobson (St Teresa's)
1987-88  Peter Bell & David Lowther (Black Bull)  Brian Hannaford & Barry Howbridge (The Engine)
1988-89  Peter Bell & David Lowther (Black Bull)  Brian Hannaford & Barry Howbridge (The Engine)
1989-90  Peter Bell & David Lowther (Black Bull)  David Bowey & Bob Brewis (Gosforth Empire)
1990-91  Peter Bell & David Lowther (Black Bull)  Brian Hannaford & Barry Howbridge (East End Liberal Club)
1991-92  Stan Gray & Chris Rivers (Roseworth SC)  Peter Bell & David Lowther (Black Bull)
1992-93  Brian Hannaford &Barry Howbridge (East End Liberal Club)  David Bowey & Bob Brewis (Throckley Bank Top)
1993-94  Terry Gallagher & David Lowther (Blaydon CC)  David Bowey & Bob Brewis (Throckley Bank Top)
1994-95  Barry Howbridge & David Morrison (East End Liberal Club)  John Swan & David Westerby (Walkergate BRSA/Nomads)
1995-96  Terry  Gallagher & David Lowther (Blaydon CC)  David Bowey & Bob Brewis (Hazlerigg Victory)
1996-97  David Bowey & Bob Brewis (Hazlerigg Victory)  Barry Howbridge & David Morrison (East End Liberal Club)
1997-98  Barry Howbridge & David Morrison (East End Liberal Club)  David Bowey & Bob Brewis (Hazlerigg Victory)
 David Lowther & John Swan (Unattached/Walkergate BRSA)
 Stan Gray & Chris Rivers (Roseworth SC)
 Brian Coughtrey & Brian Hannaford (East End Liberal Club)
 Veron Adamson & Neil Saint (Britannia Inn)
2000-01  Barry Howbridge & David Morrison  (East End Liberal Club)  Stan Gray & Chris Rivers (Castle & Anchor)
2001-02  Brian Coughtrey & Brian Hannaford  (East End Liberal Club)  Bill Moore & Mike Sowerby  (Leeholme SC)
 Bill Moore & Mike Sowerby (Leeholme SC)_
 Barry Howbridge & David Morrison (East End Liberal Club)
2003-04  Barry Howbridge & David Morrison  (East End Liberal Club)  Bill Moore & Mike Sowerby (Leeholme SC)
2004-05  Barry Howbridge & David Morrison  (East End Liberal Club)  Brian Coughtrey & Brian Hannaford (East End Liberal Club)
2005-06  Barry Howbridge & David Morrison  (East End Liberal Club)  Bill Moore & Mike Sowerby  (Leeholme SC)
2006-07  Paul Finch & David Lowther (Byker PTE)  Bryan Coughtrey & Brian Hannaford (East End Liberal Club)
2007-08  Bryan Coughtrey & David Morrison  (East End Liberal Club)  Paul Finch & David Lowther (Byker PTE)
2008-09  Bryan Coughtrey & David Morrison  (East End Liberal Club)  Vernon Adamson & Neil Saint (Britannia Inn)
2009-10  David Hutchinson & Mike Sowerby  (Leeholme SC)  Paul Finch & David Lowther  (Byker PTE)
2010-11  Paul Finch & David Lowther (Byker PTE)  Barry Howbridge & David Morrison (East End Liberal Club)
2011-12  Brian Hannaford & David Morrison (East End Liberal Club)  David Hutchinson & Mike Sowerby  (Leeholme SC)  
 Brain Hannaford & David Morrison (East End Liberal Club)
 Vernon Adamson & Neil Saint (Britannia Inn)
2013-14  Brian Hannaford & David Morrison (East End Liberal Club)  Vernon Adamson & Neil Saint (Britannia Inn)
2014-15  Vernon Adamson & Neil Saint (Britannia Inn)  Brian Hannaford & David Morrison (East End Liberal Club)
 Vernon Adamson & Neil Saint (Britannia Inn)
 Kevin Turner & Bryan White (Saltwell SC)
 Barry Dodsworth & Mike Sowerby (Britannia Inn)
 Dave Guttridge & Gareth Hope (The Bene)
 Vernon Adamson & Neil Saint (Britannia Inn)  Geoff Johns & Dave Morrison (Darlington Snooker/EELC)
2018-19  Dave Guttridge & Gareth Hope (The Bene)  Kevin Turner & Bryan White (Saltwell SC)


  Winner Runner-Up
1984-85  John Hayes (Board Inn)  Leo Ford (Board Inn)
1985-86  Jeff Carter (Normanby Hall CC)  Billy Britton (Normanby Hall CC)
1986-87  Neil Saint (Darlington CS)  Vernon Adamson (Darlington CS)
1987-88  Eddie Burns (Masons Arms)  David Westerby (Nomads)
1988-89  Neil Saint (Darlington CS)  John Swan  (Walkergate BRSA)
1989-90  Neil Saint (Darlington CS)  David Guttridge  (Wanderers)
1990-91  John Horrill (Blaydon CC)  John Swan  (Walkergate BRSA)
1991-92  Alan Davison (Chester-le-S FCSC)  David Westerby (Nomads)
1992-93  Paul Davison (Philadelphia CC)  John Hutchinson (Blaydon CC)
1993-94  Dave Morrison (Ncle Gosforth)  Paul Davison (Philadelphia CC)
1994-95  Dave Watson (Chester-le-S FCSC)  Leo Ford (United Services)
1995-96  Leo Ford (United Services)  Tommy McCallum (United Services)
1996-97  Bill Moore (Ship Inn)  Neil Saint  (Darlington CS)
1997-98  Paul Finch (Byker PTE)  Leo Ford (United Services)
1998-99  Bill Moore (Leeholme SC)  Paul Finch (Byker PTE)
 Bryan White (Saltwell SC)
Dave Guttridge (The Bene)
2000-01  Dave Guttridge (The Bene) Jon Mitchell (Washington CC}
2001-02  Bryan White (Saltwell SC) Dave Guttridge(The Bene)
2002-03  Bryan White (Saltwell SC)  Keith Watson (Garden Farm) 
2003-04  Bryan White (Saltwell SC)  Kevin Turner (Saltwell SC)
2004-05  Dave Guttridge (The Bene)  Bryan White (Saltwell SC)
2005-06  Kevin Turner (Saltwell SC)  Shaun Moore (Philadelphia CC 'A')
2006-07  Bryan White (Saltwell SC)  Geoff Johns (Old Shildon)
2007-08  Paul Davison (Washington CC)  Paul Lumsden (The Bene)
2008-09  John Doyle (Key Club)  Geoff Johns (Old Shildon)
2009-10  Bryan White (Saltwell SC)  Leo Ford (Key Club)
2010-11  John Doyle (Key Club)  Geoff Johns (The Brit)
2011-12  Paul Davison (Washington CC)   Barry Wilkinson (East End Nomads)       
2012-13  Leo Ford (Key Club)  John Swan (St Teresa's)
2013-14  Dave Guttridge (The Bene)  Shaun Moore (Philadelphia CC) 
2014-15  Bryan White (Saltwell SC)  Paul Finch (Byker)
 Paul Finch (Byker)
 Shaun Moore (Philadelphia CC)
 Bryan White (Saltwell SC)
 John Swan (St Teresa's)
 Bryan White (Saltwell SC)  Jeff Coxon (St Teresa's)
2018-19  Steve Westerby (East End Nomads)  Neil Barnes (Washington CC)


  Winners Runner-Up
1984-85  John Carr & Hugh McErlane   (Columba SC)   
1985-86  Billy Britton & Jeff Carter (Normanby Hall CC)  
1986-87  Jeff Coxon & John Swan (Walkergate BRSA)  Vernon Adamson & Martin Robinson (Darlington CS)
1987-88  Ken McKie & Colin Tait (South Gosforth)  Eddie Burns & Mick Hollan (Masons Arms)
1988-89  David Bowey & Bob Brewis (Gosforth Empire SC)  Martin Robinson & Neil Saint (Darlington CS) 
1989-90  Martin Robinson & Neil Saint (Darlington CS)  Eddie Burns & Mick Hollan (Masons Arms)
1990-91  Mike Rafter & Jim Wilson (Parkway SC)  Trevor Parker & John Swan (Walkergate BRSA)
1991-92  Leo Ford & Tom McCallum (United Services)  David Westerby & Stephen Westerby (Nomads)
1992-93  Wayne Gallagher & David Morrison (Newcastle Gosforth)  Paul Davison & Mick Fletcher (Philadelphia CC)
1993-94  Wayne Gallagher & David Morrison (Newcastle Gosforth)  Paul Finch &Tony Jobson (St Teresa's)
1994-95  Jeff Coxon & John Swan (Walkergate BRSA)  Leo Ford & Dave Brown (United Services)
1995-96  Bill Moore & Malcolm Waugh (Ship Inn)  Jeff Coxon & John Swan (Walkergate BRSA)
1996-97  Andrew Dalby & Paul Finch (Byker PTE)  Vernon Adamson & Neil Saint (Darlington CS)
1997-98  David Westerby & Barry Wilkinson (East End Nomads)  Andrew Dalby & Paul Finch (Byker PTE)
1998-99  Bill Moore & Malcolm Waugh (Leeholme SC)  Roy Collins & Barry Wilkinson (Nomads)
1999-00  Jeff Coxon & John Swan (Walkergate BRSA)  Chris Bone & Malcolm Bell (Walkergate BRSA)
2000-01  Leo Ford & Tom McCallum (United Services) David Westerby & Steve Westerby (East End Nomads)
2001-02  Dave Guttridge & Colin Tait (The Bene)  Jeff Coxon & John Swan (Walkergate BRSA)
2002-03  Alan Davison & Dave Watson (Garden  Farm)  Steve Westerby & Barry Wilkinson (East End Nomads)
2003-04  Dave Guttridge & Ken McKie (The Bene)  Kevin Turner & Bryan White (Saltwell SC)
2004-05  Kevin Turner & Bryan White   (Saltwell SC)  Jeff Coxon & John Swan (St Teresa's)
2005-06  Kevin Turner & Bryan White   (Saltwell SC)  Chris Bone & Martin Robinson (St Teresa's/Old Shildon)
2006-07  Kevin Turner & Bryan White  (Saltwell SC)  Geoff Johns & Martin Robinson (Old Shildon)
2007-08  Dave Guttridge & Paul Lumsden   (The Bene)  John Doyle  & Leo Ford (Key Club)
2008-09  Jeff Coxon & John Swan (St Teresas)   Dave Guttridge & Paul Lumsden (The Bene)
2009-10 Kevin Turner & Bryan White (Saltwell SC)  Steve Westerby & Barry Wilkinson (East End Nomads)
2010-11 Steve Westerby & Barry Wilkinson (East End Nomads)  Dave Guttridge & Mickey Earle (The Bene)
2011-12  Jeff Coxon & John Swan (St Teresas)   Paul Davison & Simon Henry (Washington CC) 
2012-13  John Doyle & Leo Ford (Key Club)  Jeff Coxon & John Swan (St Teresas) 
2013-14  Dave Guttridge & Gareth Hope (The Bene)  Geoff Johns & Martin Robinson (Darlington Snooker Club)
2014-15  Kevin Turner & Bryan White (Saltwell SC)  Paul Finch & Mark Watson (Byker) 
 Paul Finch & Neil Watson (Byker)
 Mike Sowerby & Malcolm Waugh (Low Spennymoor)
 Kevin Turner & Bryan White (Saltwell SC)
 Paul Finch & Michael Moran (Byker)
 Kevin Turner & Bryan White (Saltwell SC)  Dave Westerby & Steve Westerby (East End Nomads)
2018-19  Neil Barnes & Jon Mitchell (Washingt0n CC)  Brian Neil & Mick Shaw (Heaton Rifles)

C Division Singles

   Winner  Runner Up
1984-85  Mike Hind (Pack Horse)  Colin Tait (South Gosforth SC)
1985-86  Vernon Adamson(Darlo CS)  Martin Robinson(Darlo CS)
1986-87  John Hutchinson (Blaydon CC)  Terry Gallagher (Blaydon CC)
1987-88  Dave Watson (C-le-St FCSC)  Bob Brewis (Gosforth E.)
1988-89  Tim Gray (G.Fell)  David McKenzie (NorthernSC)
1989-90  David McKenzie (Northern SC)  Kevin Batey (Lord Clyde)
1990-91  George English (Lord Clyde)  Tony Richardson (S.Players)
1991-92  Alex Simpson (Kitty Brewster)  David McKenzie (Northern SC)
1992-93  Tony Jobson (St Teresa's)  Paul Finch (St Teresa's)
1993-94  Kevin Turner (Saltwell SC)  Dave Knowles (Morpeth H.)
1994-95  Stephen Westerby (Heaton M.)  Martin Robinson (Old Shildon)
1995-96  Barry Wilkinson (Grace Inn)  Kevin Turner (Saltwell SC)
1996-97  Bryan White (Saltwell SC)  Martin Robinson (Old Shildon)
1997-98  Bryan White (Saltwell SC)  Trevor Ford (Wolsington Hotel)
1998-99  Trevor Ford  (Wolsington H)  Dave Knowles (Morpeth H.)
1999-06  Not Contested  
2006-07  Paul Davison (Washington CC)  Jon Mitchell (Washington CC)
2007-08  Brian Neil (Mount Pleasant)  Malcolm Bell (St Teresas)
2008-09  Brian Neil (Mount Pleasant)  Trevor Ford  (The Wolsy)
2009-10  Brian Neil (Gateshead OB)  Andrew Purvis  (EE Wanderers)
2010-11  Andrew Purvis (Northern Rock)  John MacDougall  (The Wolsy)
2011-12  Andrew Purvis (Northern Rock)  Dave Knowles (Morpeth H.)
2012-13  Trevor Ford (The Wolsy)  Malcolm Hodgson (Northern Rock)
2013-14  Andrew Purvis (Northern Rock)  Brian Neil (Heaton Trifles)
2014-15  Brian Neil (Heaton Rifles)  John MacDougall (The Wolsy)
 Brian Neil (Heaton Rifles)
 Trevor Ford (The Wolsy)
 Andrew Purvis (Northern Rock)
 Brian Neil (Heaton Rifles)
 Jon Mitchell (Washington CC)  Brian Neil (Heaton Rifles)


  Winners Runners Up
1984-85  Ken McKie & Colin Tait (South Gosforth SC)   
1985-86  Martin Robinson & Neil Saint (Darlington CS)  
1986-87  Ken Norris & Stuart Roll (General Havelock)  
1987-88  Bob Brewis & Peter Robson (Gosforth Empire SC)  Mike Bateman & Mike Knowles (Morpeth Harriers)
1988-89  Paul Davison & Mick Fletcher (Philadelphia CC)  Mick Kay & Paul Newton (Walker Staff) 
1989-90  Mick Kay & Paul Newton (Walker Staff)   Jim Wilson & Mike Wilson  (Parkway SC)
1990-91  George English & Gordon Nicholl  (Lord Clyde)  Tony Clarkson & Anthony Richardson (Same Players)
1991-92  David Morrison & Howard Woolgar (Newcastle Gosforth)  Kevin Turner & Bryan White (Saltwell SC)
1992-93  Paul Finch & Tony Jobson (St Teresa's)  Jim Kelly & John Welch (The Peacock)
1993-94  Peter Bell & Stephen Younger   (Medomsley CC)  Mike Bateman & Dave Knowles (Morpeth Harriers)
1994-95  Paul Davison & Mick Fletcher (Philadelphia CC) Tony Clarkson & Anthony Richardson (Same Players)
1995-96  Stephen Westerby & Barry Wilkinson (Grace Inn)  Martin Robinson & Graham Butcher (Old Shildon)
1996-97  Dave Guttridge & Colin Tait (Wanderers)  Kevin Turner & Bryan White (Saltwell SC)
1997-98  Kevin Turner & Bryan White (Saltwell SC)  Graham Butcher & Martin Robinson (Old Shildon)
1998-99  Graham Butcher & Martin Robinson (Old Shildon)  Mike Bateman & Dave Knowles    (Morpeth Harriers)
1999-06  Not Contested  
2006-07  Paul Davison & Jon Mitchell (Washington CC)  Brian Neil & Craig Simpson (Mount Pleasant/W Bay)
2007-08  Jeff Coxon & John Swan (St Teresas)          Malcolm Bell & Chris Bone (St Teresas)     
2008-9  Arthur Neil & Brian Neil (Mount Pleasant)   Trevor Ford & John McDougall (The Wolsy)
2009-10  Brian Neil & Steve  Heywood (Gateshead OB)   Malcolm Hodgson & Andrew Purvis  (East End Wanderers)
2010-11  Malcolm Hodgson & Andrew Purvis  (Northern Rock)  Bill Longthorne & Alan Stewart (Coundon CC)
2011-12  Malcolm Hodgson & Andrew Purvis  (Northern Rock)      Mike Hind & Ian Turnbull (Winlaton Vulcans RFC)  
2012-13  Mick Jones & Alan Stewart (Coundon CC)   Paul Finch & Neil Watson (Byker)
2013-14  Trevor Ford & Len McFadden (The Wolsy)  Stew Fletcher & Andrew Purvis (Northern Rock)
2014-15  Brian Neil (Heaton Rifles) & Len McFadden (The Wolsy)  Malcolm Hodgson & Andrew Purvis (Northern Rock)
 Brian Neil (Heaton Rifles) & Trevor Ford (The Wolsy)
 Neil Barnes & Jon Mitchell (Washington CC)
 Stew Fletcher & Andrew Purvis (Northern Rock)
 Brian Neil & Robin Stephenson (heaton Rifles)
 Brian Neil & Mick Shaw (Heaton Rifles)  Trevor Ford & Mick Moran (The Wolsy)

Knock Out Cup

   Winners  Runners-Up
1980-81  Lintz CC 'A'  Wylam CC
1981-82  Coundon CC  Lintz CC 'A'
1982-83  Coundon CC  Throckley Bank Top
1983-84  Newburn Memorial Club  Throckley Bank Top
1984-85  Throckley Bank Top  The Rose
1985-86  Blyth Spartans FCSC  Cricketers
1986-87  The Rose  Black Bull
1987-88  The Chesters  Northern SC
1988-89  Coundon CC  South Gosforth SC
1989-90  Gosforth Empire  Gosforth Hotel
1990-91  Coundon CC  Roseworth SC
1991-92  United Service  South Northumberland CC
1992-93  United Service  Morpeth Harriers
1993-94  Medomsley CC   United Service
1994-95  Swalwell CC   Blaydon CC
1995-96  Darlington Civil Service   Saltwell SC
1996-97  Darlington Civil Service  Walkergate BRSA 
1997-98  Stagecoach   East End Liberal Club
1998-99  Walkergate BRSA   East End Liberal Club
1999-00  The Bene   Philadephia CC 'B'
2000-01  United Services  East End Nomads
2001-02  Castle & Anchor  The Bene
2002-03  Whitley Bay  Old Shildon
2003-04  Garden Farm  Byker PTE
2004-05  Philadelphia CC 'A'   Mount Pleasant
2005-06  Byker PTE  East End Liberal Club
2006-07  Britannia Inn  St Teresa's
2007-08  Saltwell SC  Byker PTE
2008-09  The Bene  Morpeth Harriers
2009-10  Coundon CC  Key Club
2010-11  Byker Key Club  Saltwell SC
2011-12  Morpeth Harriers  Key Club
2012-13  Saltwell SC  St Teresa's
2013-14  Britannia Inn  Darlington Snooker Club
2014-15  St Teresa's  The Bene
 Saltwell SC
 East End Liberal Club
 Saltwell SC
 The Bene
 Saltwell SC  The Bene
2018-19  The Bene  Saltwell SC

Challenge Cup (formerly Whitbread Cup)

   Winners  Runners-Up
1988-89  The Engine  Black Bull
1989-90  Darlington Civil Service  Walkergate BRSA
1990-91  Darlington Civil Service  East End Liberal Club
1991-92  East End Liberal Club  Throckley Bank Top
1992-93  Darlington Civil Service  Garden Farm
1993-94  Saltwell SC  Darlington Civil Service
1994-95  Swalwell CC  East End Nomads
1995-96  Blaydon CC  Hazlerigg Victory
1996-97  Wanderers  Darlington Civil Service
1997-98  East End Nomads  Roseworth SC
1998-99  Garden Farm  Walkergate BRSA
1999-00  East End Liberal Club  Saltwell SC
2000-01  East End Liberal Club  United Services 
2001-02  East End Liberal Club  Leeholm SC
2002-03  Saltwell SC  The Bene
2003-04  The Bene  Philadelphia CC 'A'
2004-05  Leeholme SC  The Wolsy
2005-06  St Teresa's  The Bene
2006-07  Byker PTE  Britannia Inn
2007-08  Old Shildon  The Bene
2008-09  East End Nomads  The Bene
2009-10  East End Liberal Club  Leeholme SC
2010-11  The Wolsy  Leeholme SC
2011-12  Coundon CC  The Brit
2012-13  East End Nomads  Key Club
2013-14  East End Nomads  Key Club
2014-15  St Teresa's  Key Club
 Low Spennymoor
 St Teresa's
 Britannia Inn
 The Wolsy
2017-18  Heaton Rifles  Britannia Inn
2018-19  The Wolsy  Darlington Snooker Club

A Division - Handicap League

2004-05  Castle & Anchor
2005-06  East End Liberal Club
2006-07  Britannia Inn
2007-08  Britannia Inn
2008-09  East End Liberal Club
2009-10  Britannia Inn
2010-11  Saltwell SC
2011-12  Britannia Inn
2012-12  East End Nomads
2013-14  Key Club
2014-15  Key Club
 Britannia Inn
 Britannia Inn
 Darlington Snooker Club
2018-19  Darlington Snooker Club

B Division - Handicap League

2004-05  The Bene
2005-06  Saltwell SC
2006-07  Old Shildon
2007-08  Washington CC
2008-09  The Bene
2009-10  St Teresa's
2010-11  Byker Key Club
2011-12  The Brit
2012-13  Key Club
2013-14  Coundon CC
2014-15  St Teresa's
 Low Spennymoor
 Saltwell SC
2018-19  The Wolsy

C Division - Handicap League

2004-06  not contested
2006-07  Washington CC
2007-08  Wolsington Hotel
2008-09  Mount Pleasant
2009-10  Morpeth Harriers
2010-11  Northern Rock
2011-12  Coundon CC
2012-13  Coundon CC
2013-14  Northern Rock
2014-15  The Wolsy
 Winlaton Vulcans
 The Wolsy
 Heaton Rifles