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Roy Collins passed away on 23rd May 2023, aged 53. He was a member of the East End Nomads team but had been unable to play for some time due to the illness which in the end he succumbed to. Roy was a former Division C Pairs champion.













Jimmy Peden passed away on 3rd December 2022, aged 85. He was a long-running member of the Saltwell Social Club team, but was forced to give up quizzing due to home care commitments. Nevertheless, Jimmy was a regular attendee at quiz events taking place at the Saltwell Social Club.













Paul Davison passed away on 25th October 2022, aged 65. He had been a member of the league since the mid-1980s and an enthusiastic member of The Chesters, Byker PTE & Washington CC teams, as well as Webmaster of the League's internet site until an accident in 2012 prevented his further participation in the League.













Bill Stothard passed away on 5th February 2022, aged 78. He was Chairman of the League for many years, and served also as a question master and member of the Byker PTE team. 

 David Morrison passed away on 31st August 2021, aged 56. He was a former multiple Open Singles & Open Pairs winner and long-standing member of the East End Liberal Club team. David holds the record for the most wins in the Open Singles championship.

Tommy McCallum passed away on 25th April 2018, aged 71. He was a member of the United Service (Gateshead) for many years and a well-respected member of the League.


 Barry Wilkinson passed away on 7th June 2017, aged 61. He was a former Chairman of the League and Open Singles champion. Barry played for several teams including The Rose & East End Nomads.


 Bob Brewis passed away on 1st November 2016, aged 66. He was Secretary of the League for many years, and a member of the Throckley Bank Top team who dominated the League for several years.


 Malcolm Waugh passed away on 16th September 2016, aged 77. He was a long-standing member of the League who played for the teams based in the Spennymoor area.


 Dave Atkinson passed away on 10th April 2013, aged 53. He was a member of the Britannia Inn and Darlington Civil Service teams for several years but succumbed after a long illness which kept him from participating.


 Bill Moore passed away on 21st March 2008. Bill was a member of the Leeholm Social Club team and a former Open Pairs finalist. His team-mate Mike Sowerby paid tribute to him as 'A feisty individual with a 'never say die' attitude that pulled victory from the jaws of defeat on many occasions.'


 Eddie Burns passed on 6th April 2007. He played for many years as a member of the Blyth-based teams who played at The Masons Arms and other venues, and later played for East End Nomads.


 Tony Kiddle passed away on 17th March 2007, aged 65. He was captain of the Stockton-based team which played as the Mile House, Roseworth Social Club & the Castle & Anchor. Tony introduced many teams to the League from the Cleveland & County Durham area, who were also members of the Teesside Sports Quiz League of which he was Secretary.